Hohaia Innovations Ltd- Full Logojadea

Hohaia Innovations focuses on creative social innovation solutions and strategic leadership.

Hohaia Innovations is a whanau (Family) business set up by Jade Te Uri Karaka.

As a company we have a vision to enhance communities by focusing on inspiring businesses, organisations and especially by empowering the family unit- which includes, children and young people. We have a variety of skills, experiences and qualified people to be able to achieve this vision.

Hohaia Innovations focuses also on culturally responsive approaches and leans towards a strategic and transformational leadership style.

Meet the New Zealand-Based team:

  • Jade Te Uri Karaka- pictured above
    leads out as the Company Director and full-time Social Innovation Consultant. Her expertise is in strategy, influence and leadership in mobilising whole communities, towns and regions towards better social outcomes.
  • Lamen and Belena Hohaia- deliver on whanau (family restoration) Projects
  • Jody Hohaia- leads out on education and language revitalisation consultancy
  • Holika Uhila- Agency Interface and Cultural Responsivity Programmes
  • Joseph O’Sullivan under Joseph O’Sullivan Photography is also our preferred Photography and Videography Contractor