Would you like INDIGI-Talks to
come to your town or community?

INTRODUCTION: 8 speakers from around New Zealand. 15 minutes each to speak. A full day training package. An injection of inspiration!

INDIGI-Talks is a platform to deliver powerful, raw and real stories of inspiration for a variety of audiences within a community construct.

Programmes don’t change people, only people have the capacity to do that and people therefore are the main resource used in INDIGI-Talks. The people involved in INDIGI-Talks have a wealth of academic, artistic and practical knowledge as well as their most powerful weapon- their own stories, and they use their words to inspire, teach, challenge and encourage their audiences. All of the INDIGI-Talks speakers are of indigenous descent and therefore bring some original, natural and holistic knowledge to the fore which is useful for everyday application.

Whether it is a workshop for youth, youth practitioners, social workers, community workers, educators, police or prison staff, Iwi leaders, Local Councils, church leaders, regional forums or national organisations- an INDIGI-Talks platform can be tailor-made to effectively respond to the needs of your town, company or community.

Jade Te Uri Karaka, founder of INDIGI-Talks says “INDIGI-Talks is a kaupapa to inspire and re-inspire those who are at the forefront of developing potential in youth, whānau and communities. It is a useful tool for youth workers, right through to our local Police, educators and anyone really who works within the Social Sector.” Jade Te Uri Karaka also goes on to say “the core messages of INDIGI-Talks are aimed at uncovering indigenous thought and processes (sharing ancestral knowledge which provides us with solutions to current societal issues) and also it provokes cultural awareness to build people’s capacity to connect and respond effectively to the needs of the people they work with.”

Somewhat similar to an indigenous take on a Tedx Conference, INDIGI-Talks has five stand-out features: 1) all INDIGI-Talk speakers are of indigenous descent or have longstanding experience working in indigenous communities. 2) Wairuatanga (spirituality in a holistic sense) is hugely acknowledged. 3) Story-telling (or the art of talking through word-pictures and proverbs) is a central mechanism used by the speakers. 4) Developing potential in youth, whānau and community is a priority theme and 5) all the speakers link their korero to one central topic eg: the Taumarunui INDIGI-Talks Seminar focused on ‘Culturally Responsive Practice When Engaging Youth and Communities.”

Feedback received from the general public has been incredibly positive. Local youth practitioners from one Taumarunui NGO in particular noted that INDIGI-Talks really did re-invigorate them in their everyday work reminding them “why we do what we do.” Encouraging the encouragers is a central theme for INDIGI-Talks.


  • “Absolutely relevant, inspirational speakers, awesome concept- just brilliant! [Manager Te Puni Kokiri]
  • “A high calibre and impressive line-up of speakers, professional resources, an A-grade and well executed day!” [Manukau Institute of Technology]
  • “We would like to extend to you Jade our congratulations on the inspiring and blessed day you organised for our community. We have come away buzzing with ideas and re-affirmed in the good job we do and the heart we all put in to our mahi.” [REAP Youth Work Team Leader]
  • “Inspiring-I absolutely enjoyed every speaker and learnt so much that I will be able to incorporate into my practice.” [King Country Secondary School Teacher]

To arrange for an INDIGI-Talks seminar for your town, company or community contact Jade Te Uri Karaka directly on 0275777706.